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Lucille M. Griswold, Poet


She was an aging senio0r who decided to go back to school
Her grandchildren questioned her as though she were a fool
She actually liked the study, the work filled her with glee
But one of her biggest worries was that during glass she’d have to pee
So many things were obstacles to get this education
Especially when she had to miss the class
For her granddaughter’s graduation
She and the other students got along just fine
They though their professor really hot
But Grandma appreciated his quiet demeanor
She liked that about him a lot
A big surprise to boost her ego though
Were words that were so nifty
When the professor said with quiet shock
He thought her only fifty
The best part of the whole experience
That really made her day
Was the fact that the hot professor
Had given her an  “A”!


-Lucille M. Griswold ©

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