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Our Bus Driver Mr. Bill

This is a story about two little girls starting school for the first time. They will need to ride the school bus, and they are somewhat fearful. Mr. Bill, the bus driver, shows Sandy and Lynn that riding the big yellow bus can be a fun experience, and they are no longer afraid.

Circumstantial Widows

When tragedy struck the home of Veronica in Guatemala, the kindness of her grandmother helped to alter Veronica’s style of living for the better. Once her mother was in America, the calamities continued. Veronica’s life could have been on a path of destruction. Only through the goodness of philanthropists and other caring individuals, was Veronica able to work her way to be a respected and powerful business woman. Jealousy intervenes, and more catastrophes ensue. Veronica’s blonde hair and blue eyes defied her upbringing and led people to believe she came from a different background. Though not intentionally, Veronica kept up the charade. Life became a circus of enormous proportions as Veronica attempts to rectify the wrong with her widow friends and when an old love reappears. Despite the myriad of obstacles thrown in Veronica’s path, she manages to overcome each complication. The way Veronica handles these obstacles becomes one to be emulated. This exciting tale weaves you into a web of intrigue.

Flaming Emotions

When fire destroyed the neighborhood in Colorado where Jenny and Jim Jackson had just moved, no one could have predicted the unusual outcome of the devastation. Sometimes, even the best arranged plans can be turned upside down. This was proven by the horrors that soon plagued the entire Jackson family clan when a past incident came to the forefront. The fire was not the only cause of the family’s shock and distress. Hidden secrets and oddities influenced the very core of the family’s existence as they struggled to get answers. In the end, can true familial love triumph?

Generations Apart

Rules change from one generation to another. Advice given in a past time period may seem totally out of whack in present day society. Reconciling the two can be irritating at best. Fortunately, society fights these injustices and eventually rules are created to compensate for past wrongs. The reader will become absorbed in the character of Susan Lavoie whose idyllic life is shattered during her first year in college. We learn how evading the truth and keeping secrets can lead to frustration and heartache and can ultimately involve the whole family. Redemption does follow despite the electronic age and family discrepancies. Times change, families change, but ultimately, the conclusion highlights generational inconsistencies, while informing and satiating an individual’s thirst for knowledge and entertainment. In a surprising conclusion, readers will learn the importance of telling the truth and if integrity and justice will prevail.

Life Lived in Reverse

This memoir details Lucille Griswold’s journey to become the woman she is today. The author begins by examining her Italian American heritage and relates her experiences in education, explores gender relationships in the workplace, and reveals the challenges of being a military wife in the Vietnam era.

My Story

Did you ever contemplate changing your life? Consider this story of a man who coincidentally makes a tough choice on the same day as one of the most horrific catastrophes in the United States of America. The events that follow are beyond prediction and imagination and leave the average person wondering what constitutes the rules of right and wrong in society. In reading this tale, it becomes obvious that anyone can justify life situations to suit their needs even when, to the average person, those needs might be atrocious and against the law. The bizarre circumstance in this piece of contemporary historical fiction leads to a story of intrigue and conflicted emotions. Readers of all varieties will come away questioning the rules and fairness of what we experience in life.

Complex Love

Sexual tension is prevalent in small town America, heartache is wrenching, and emotions fluctuate like a roller coaster. A presidential election was imminent back in 2012. The world was supposed to end, politicians were soliciting sex on foreign soil, and judges were giving father molesters parental rights in divorce settlements to the children they abused. During this same period, heartbreak strikes the lives of Maria, Eric, and indirectly, the family priest, Father Jon. These personal mishaps intermingle with worldly concerns as each individual struggles to deal with not only conflicting emotions, but also the complexities of love highlighted by varying individual personalities and defined in ways not always predictable to the average person. Despite the anguish, light can be seen at the end of the tunnel. The human aspects, trials, and tribulations expressed within the novel Complex Love will appeal to anyone with a love of family, traditions, loyalty, and friendships.

Grandmother’s Jewels II

Grandmother’s Jewels II is a potpourri of both regular and haiku poetry.  It also includes some fiction and non-fiction short stories and a Journal of an exciting trip the author enjoyed with her spouse and mother-in-law.  The Journal allows the author’s grandchildren to observe the adventuresome spirit of their great grandmother as she neared the age of 80,  Much of the poetry portrays life as it is today and includes some advice along with humor.