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Welcome to the official site of author Lucille M. Griswold.

Lucille M. Griswold resides in Maryland with her husband William. The critically acclaimed author was born and raised in Matawan, New Jersey, and was inducted into the Matawan Regional High School’s Hall of Fame in 2013. She has lived, worked and traveled around the world.

In addition to having poems printed in numerous anthologies, Lucille is also a composer of songs published by a Hollywood, California record producer. This will be Lucille’s seventh novel. Her first Children’s Book made its debut in 2017, and Lucille was nominated for The NY Literary Magazine Best Story Award.

Our Bus Driver Mr. Bill

This is a story about two little girls starting school for the first time. They will need to ride the school bus, and they are somewhat fearful. Mr. Bill, the bus driver, shows Sandy and Lynn that riding the big yellow bus can be a fun experience, and they are no longer afraid.

Circumstantial Widows

When tragedy struck the home of Veronica in Guatemala, the kindness of her grandmother helped to alter Veronica’s style of living for the better. Once her mother was in America, the calamities continued. Veronica’s life could have been on a path of destruction. Only through the goodness of philanthropists and other caring individuals, was Veronica able to work her way to be a respected and powerful business woman. Jealousy intervenes, and more catastrophes ensue. Veronica’s blonde hair and blue eyes defied her upbringing and led people to believe she came from a different background. Though not intentionally, Veronica kept up the charade. Life became a circus of enormous proportions as Veronica attempts to rectify the wrong with her widow friends and when an old love reappears. Despite the myriad of obstacles thrown in Veronica’s path, she manages to overcome each complication. The way Veronica handles these obstacles becomes one to be emulated. This exciting tale weaves you into a web of intrigue.

Flaming Emotions

When fire destroyed the neighborhood in Colorado where Jenny and Jim Jackson had just moved, no one could have predicted the unusual outcome of the devastation. Sometimes, even the best arranged plans can be turned upside down. This was proven by the horrors that soon plagued the entire Jackson family clan when a past incident came to the forefront. The fire was not the only cause of the family’s shock and distress. Hidden secrets and oddities influenced the very core of the family’s existence as they struggled to get answers. In the end, can true familial love triumph?

Generations Apart

Rules change from one generation to another. Advice given in a past time period may seem totally out of whack in present day society. Reconciling the two can be irritating at best. Fortunately, society fights these injustices and eventually rules are created to compensate for past wrongs. The reader will become absorbed in the character of Susan Lavoie whose idyllic life is shattered during her first year in college. We learn how evading the truth and keeping secrets can lead to frustration and heartache and can ultimately involve the whole family. Redemption does follow despite the electronic age and family discrepancies. Times change, families change, but ultimately, the conclusion highlights generational inconsistencies, while informing and satiating an individual’s thirst for knowledge and entertainment. In a surprising conclusion, readers will learn the importance of telling the truth and if integrity and justice will prevail.

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